Like a Prayer

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C.J. Hendrix

Falling in love with a girl isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Unless everything that happened before falling in love made you wish you didn’t exist.

C.J. Hendrix is an LGBTQ fiction writer and artist who is drawn to stories of loss and redemption, longing and second chances—especially those that invite us to believe in something unseen, and reassure us that we’re never alone in our journey.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. –Buddha

Zee Harper can’t admit her feelings to best friend and former schoolmate Brenna—flame-haired Brenna Maris, who’s outgoing and wicked smart and clever with her hands. Brenna, who has a passion for optical science, a clear view of her future, and a very normal family.

Zee is clever, too. She can shape things from metal, has taught herself to pick locks, and learned to be prepared for the unexpected. Because she knows what it’s like to have the people she loves disappear from her life. Just eighteen, she’s already lost her mother to a car accident and her younger brother, Aaron, in a school shooting—and then there’s her alcoholic father, who’s been checked out for as long as she can remember. Although Zee finds comfort in Aaron’s frequent presence in her dreams, everything changes on the shooting’s first anniversary, when he warns her of another loss to come.

While Zee struggles with her family’s painful history, Brenna tries to coax her into opening up. But when Aaron’s dream-visits start to bleed into her waking hours, Zee is haunted by a bigger secret than her feelings for Brenna—a past relationship she’s convinced led to the shooting, and the tragic undoing of another family. Afraid to reveal the terrible truth that keeps her locked in the past, Zee finds herself at a breaking point. Will a confession ultimately free her? Or will it mean losing Brenna and a real chance at love?

Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or request through your local bookstore. ISBN 978-0998929392 ~ $10.95 USD. Also available on Amazon Kindle for $3.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. For bulk orders please contact indigo.imprint (at)